Sebastian Professional shampoo - hair products

Sebastian Professional shampoo - hair products

Sale of hair-styling products Sebastian Professional at Vision'hair.

Sebastian Professional offers personal care products, the hair.

Products adapted to all types of hair as well as hair styling products and styling care for all styles, from the most wise to the most wild !

Discover a complete range of products for professional hair of the top o...

  • Color Ignite
    Color Ignite

    Sebastian Color Ignite

    Sebastian Color Ignite is a range of care products specially designed for colored hair.

    Sebastian Color Ignite is a unique treatment program that invigorates colored hair and gives vitality and shine. Two protective shampoos and conditioners that protect color on the color lightened hair, colored with several colors or colored uniformly:

    Sebastian Color Ignite mono colored hair evenly: A smart complex that sets the color and sheath cuticle to protect the brightness of color. The foam conditioner revives the brilliance of colored hair evenly to a vibrant shine.

    Sebastian Color Ignite for multi thinned and colored hair with several shades. A smart hydration complex target colored hair to moisturize and restructure the hair fibers in depth, where they are most in need. The foam conditioner revives, protects and intensifies the color brilliance.

    The range Color Ignite MULTI MONO & guarantees: brightness and color intensity that lasts. Color up to 25% brighter after 10 washes, compared to other colored hair care products. A polymer complex that strengthens the hair from within and that repairs hair that has been damaged by external factors such as UV rays, free radicals or excessive blow drying. Intensive care of each hair with the unique air foam conditioners.

  • Sebastian Flow
    Sebastian Flow

    Sebastian Flow - care styling products

    Sebastian Flow are essential styling contractors, created specifically to be gentle with your hair.

    Light as cashmere, soft as silk for hair intensely nourished. and a style inspired by the natural fibers of high fashion.

  • Sebastian Foundation
    Sebastian Foundation

    Sebastian Foundation - shampoo, care and masks.

    Sebastian Foundation offers spectacular results from the first application!

    Sebastian Foundation is: shampoos for ultimate cleanliness, generous conditioners and treatments restructuring to bring to your hair all the nutrition they need!

  • Sebastian Form
    Sebastian Form

    Sebastian Form - styling products.

    Sebastian Form are innovative styling at the service of your imagination, inspired by the influence of fashion, to hold, shape and sculpt.

    Sebastian Form, for total control of your hairstyle!

  • Sebastian Flaunt
    Sebastian Flaunt

    Sebastian Flaunt - styling products.

    Sebastian Flaunt, product formulas breathtaking to shine brightly, inspired by fashion obsession to surpass the light at night.

    A zero default style to revel in the glory.

  • Sebastian Cellophanes
    Sebastian Cellophanes

    Check out Cellophanes from Sebastian

    Cellophanes is a range of treatments, care, dyes, gloss ammonia-free.

    For a color gloss is rich and long-lasting. Brewer rich in botanical illuminate hair without ammonia or peroxide. The gloss is translucent, lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Available in 9 shades ultra glossy.

    See the swatches in the product sheet

  • Sebastian Twisted
    Sebastian Twisted

    Sebastian Twisted the new range of care dedicated to curly hair, loops up to 70% more bounced

    Sebastian Twisted brings loops the same flexibility as underwater plants to survive and adapt to wave movements from underwater.

    Patented revolutionary technology consisting of:

         Red algae extracts
         Elastic Polymers
         Panthenol (Provitamin B5)
         Moisturizing agents

    This technology brings curly hair elasticity, spring, hydration, definition and anti-frizz protection
    The range consists of 6 products.

  • Sebastian professional electrical equipment
    Sebastian professional...

    Sebastian professional electrical equipment.

    Discover the range of professional high quality Sebastian Professional equipment. For a perfect styling of all hair types.

  • Sebastian Hello Effortless
    Sebastian Hello...

    Say "hello" to creative freedom and aesthetics effortlessly thanks to Sebastian Effortless versatile and avant-garde styling product.
    3 new styling products to use independently or together to start styling right out of the shower.

    Sebastian Reset: anti-residue purifying shampoo "Prepares hair with styling"
    Sebastian Preset: texturizing conditioner "the very first transparent Sebastian conditioner that prepares hair for styling"
    Sebastian Shaper ID: Remodelable Texturizing Spray "Perfectly Imperfect Hair Only in 5 Seconds"

    A simple collection to create perfectly imperfect looks

  • SEB MAN by Sebastian
    SEB MAN by Sebastian

    SEB MAN by Sebastian is a range of products for the care, the hairstyle and the care of the hair, intended for the men.

    SEB MAN by Sebastian allows men to express all versions of themselves in the simplest possible way.

    SEB MAN offers shampoos, such as SEB MAN The Purist or The Multi-Tasker, styling products such as SEB MAN The Sculptor or The Dandy, and beard products such as SEB MAN The Gent or The Groom.