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PACK VOLUPT When the volume meets softness. A supervision perfect for a total volume

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PACK VOLUPT (lot 3 items)

When the volume meets softness
A supervision perfect for a total volume!

_Sebastian Volupt Shampoo (250ml)
Get a good volume of hair Thanks to our revolutionary technology made up of particles protective
Building volumes and the soft and smooth while protecting your color, which remains bright.

Mode of employment:

Apply the shampoo Volupt
to wet hair. Massage
into a lather. rinse thoroughly

Then use Volupt Conditioner.

_Sebastian Volupt conditioner (250ml)
protects the volume without weighing down your hair A wonderful softness to the touch.

Use with the shampoo Volupt for an amazing fun-raising
the hair on the head. risk-free for color.

Mode of employment:

Apply it on your hair,
More specifically on the tips.
rinse thoroughly.

* Up to 45% of smooth more

_Sebastian Volupt Spray (150ml)

The texture biphasic spray allows you to create an incredible volume from the roots.

Enriched with natural extracts of Bamboo, Volupt spray also contains thermal protection.

creates an amazing volume from the root and allows you to develop hairstyles a dazzling and spectacular, is thanks to the technology of particle protective, allowing to obtain a beautiful volume, and to maintain a
smooth sensual. for more volume,

Apply after Volupt Shampoo & Volupt Conditioner.

Mode of employment :

shake well to activate the formula
bi-phased. spray on hair
wet. use the hair dryer to
more volume. or dry
the open air in order to accentuate the
ripples and loops.

*Up to 33% more volume

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