Sebum Balance Shampoo 250ml

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Revlon Intragen Sebum Balance Shampoo leather sebum-regulator fat hairy. Revlon Intragen Sebum Balance Shampoo helps regulate sebum without altering the natural moisture protection. Revlon Intragen Sebum Balance Shampoo gives volume and body to hair.

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Shampoo with active anti-seborrheic, which cleanses and purifies the hair and scalp.Also gives volume and body to hair
Its composition includes panthenol, a precursor of vitamin B5, which moisturizes the hair and coats the hair fiber, providing shine, without weighing it down.
Hair is more supple and easier to style, and they are more resistant to mechanical stress.

Results :
It regulates the activity of sebaceous glands and purifies the scalp.
The scalp is purified through the phlorogine, an extract of marine algae to the sebum regulating action that purifies and balances the skin's pH, moisturize.
Fat production is regulated through the action of the rosemary extract. The rosemary extract also has the property of neutralising molecules (free radicals), which are harmful to the hair.
The secretion of sebum returns to normal levels thanks to the sage extract.

Proven effectiveness
27%* reduction of grease on the scalp after a week.
100% of consumers confirm the decrease of the sebum from the second wash.

Mode of employment :
Wash your hair and rinse.
Use with the treatment concentrate ultra soothing.

*Clinical-instrumental Test. 40 volunteers.

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Quantité250 ml