Solaris Poudr6 Air Free 450g

Référence : 1878

Solaris Poudr6 Air Libre. Brightening up to 6 colors for all technical locks in the open air. Non-volatile powder for optimal convenience and maximum security.

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Brightening up to 6 tones for all technical strands in the open air.

Powder non-volatile for optimal ease of use and maximum safety.
It respects the environment of the salon as well as health professionals and their clients.
Mixed with the Oxycrem Eugène Perma (10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes), this preparation creamy texture allows for an easy location and a master's degree of the thinning according to the smoothness of the preparation.
It is very safe to use thanks to the cessation of its action bleach once dry.

● Zipped pouch 450 gr

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