Solaris poudr7 Compact Powerful 450g

Référence : 1877

Eugene Perma Solaris poudr7 Powerful Compact. Lightening powerful, up to 7 tones, for fading whole head or locked locks work and scans.

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Eugene Perma Solaris Compact Powerful

Brightening powerful, up to 7 tones, to discoloration whole head, or the work of wicks and scans locked up.

Powder non-volatile for optimal ease of use and maximum safety.
It respects the environment of the salon as well as health professionals and their clients.
Mixed with the Oxycrem Eugène Perma (10, 20, 30 or 40 volumes), this preparation creamy lather that does not drip facilitates the localized apps.

● Zipped pouch stand up of 450 gr

Fiche technique

Weight450 gr