SP Classic shampoo - SP Classic hair products

SP Classic shampoo - SP Classic hair products

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Shampoos, dental Care, Treatment, Serum, hair styling System Professional for hair more healthy and vibrant shine.

System Professional is the partner salons of the most prestigious. Because it is based on the latest scientific findings focused on the hair. Discover in exclusivity the last news Sys...

  • Range Moisturizes dry Hair
    Range Moisturizes dry...

    Range Moisturizes for dry hair range-Hydrate System Professional with its Complex hydrating Active gives hair hydration, long-term and active protection from drying out. The Hydrating Complex is Active based on the active substances intensely moisturizing. Glycerin : regulation of the hydration factor hydration. D-Panthenol : moisturizes and protects the hair from drying out. Glucose and fructose, which help to preserve the hydration. These substances are anchored deeply in the hair, where they provide maximum moisture with the mask hydrate System Professional The fragrance " Bella ", which gives the range Moisturizes a flowery note of citrus, very delicate.

  • Range Color Save colored Hair
    Range Color Save...

    Range color save for coloured hair range Color Save from System Professional is based on the first Protection Technology is 3D that gives the hair an intensity and a brilliance of more long-term. It reduces the affadissement of color and loss of brightness of colors. The 3D technology is based on the following ingredients : The combination of polyquaternium 7, panthenol and beeswax helps lock in the colour pigments in the hair UV filters protect the hair against UV rays, (the effect can be measured by KROM) extract olive leaf also retains the color and prevents it from fading. The new fragrance "Crunch" on base notes of floral, fruity and woody, transforms the Range Color Save true sensory experience.

  • Liquid Hair
    Liquid Hair

    Liquid Hair rebuilder of the hair fiber Thanks to its formula based on keratin and amino acids, Liquid Hair regenerates intensely the hair fiber from the inside and the outside to provide lasting vitality to the hair. How does it work ? The new generation of Liquid Hair contains : The formula RPN (Repair, Protect, Nourish) A new restructuring molecular of hair which contains keratin, Alanine and Histidine to fill instantly the fibres damaged. Benefits : A reconstruction instant sensitive and fragile hair. Protection of the cuticle. An effect that lasts up to 5 shampoos. Beautiful hair, shiny and easy to style.

  • Range Shine Define Hair dull
    Range Shine Define...

    The Range Shine Define, System Professional, with its Tri-exclusive complex, increases the shine of the hair. Your hair are soft and shiny.

  • Range Luxury Oil All hair types
    Range Luxury Oil All...

    The more premium and lighter ranges of care System Professional is Transforming the structure of the hair through the fusion reconstructive Keratin and 3 oils luxurious Technology: Lightweight Transform Technology-enriched oils luxurious which is inside and outside of the fiber to protect the Keratin and leave the hair soft and light INSIDE: The fine molecules of the formula Lightweight Transform Technology-enriched oils luxurious which is inside and outside of the fiber to protect the Keratin and leave the hair soft and light nourishing SP LuxeOil penetrate the hair to moisturize it and seal in the keratin. OUTSIDE: The oil and the polymers form a protective barrier that protects the hair from damage and rebuilds every fiber. Fragrance: Oriental, Spicy, Floral Keratin: protects and repairs the hair structure 3 oils are among the most prestigious and luxurious: Argan Oil for nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal. Almond oil, light oil with moisturizing properties. Jojoba oil, renowned for its virtues cosmetics natural.

  • Range Clear Scalp Dandruff
    Range Clear Scalp...

    CLEAR SCALP for dandruff The Range Clear Scalp, System Professional combats dandruff sustainably and effectively. Its broad spectrum of activity can combat all known causes of dandruff more effectively than substances with an anti-dandruff shampoos active individual. Many of the active substances contained in products, such as : Zinc pyrithione Pirocton olamine and Hinokitiol Climbazoi fight effectively as dandruff. The bath and the mask Clear Scalp, with the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione, fight dandruff sustainably and effectively. Conditioner no-rinse Clear Scalp, with its active ingredient Pirocton olamine, effectively removes dandruff from hair and scalp. The Clear Scalp Shampeeling, with its complex active substance Zinc pyrithione, pirocton olamine and climbazol, work together in synergy to effectively reduce all known types of Pityrosporum ovale. All products of the range Clear Scalp, System Professional : Have formulas extremely mild and pH neutral.Have been developed in cooperation with dermatologists. Have been tested and their compatibility dermatological with the skin is proven. The range Clear Scalp is scented with the fragrance soft and soothing : Macarena

  • Range Smoothen frizzy hair, unruly
    Range Smoothen frizzy...

    Range SMOOTHEN hair curly, unruly and thick. Perfectly controls the unruly hair. A few years ago, owning a scarf in cashmere was a pleasure almost prohibitive. The Pashmina is particularly sought. The diameter of a single strand of Pashmina measuring one-sixth that of a human hair, with a touch of a very soft, very silky and very soft. Keratin is the main ingredient : the product can therefore be used for the shampoos and treatments such as hydrolyzed Keratin. All the products Smoothen contain this unique ingredient and can provide gentle care for unruly hair. The line Smoothen with the Complex Kashmir Active has the active ingredients of superior quality : The avocado oil makes the hair soft and smooth and protects it from drying out and humidity. The zein restructures fibres, so the hair becomes more resistant. (robust) to the negative influences. The extract of cashmere helps to smooth the surface of the hair. Enriches the hair shaft and smooth the hair surface. The hair becomes soft and smooth. The fragrance "Bella" refines the range Smoothen with its aroma of oriental floral and woody with touches of vanilla.

  • Range Repair Hair sensitized
    Range Repair Hair...

    The range Repair system professional, based on the exclusive formula, RNP gives hair a new resistance : they can be easily combed. It repairs, nourishes and instantly gives hair a long-term protection. The formula RNP is based on moléculles active with selective properties, and is effective for the hair. _De protein hydrolyzed Keratin, a new ingredient able to repair the internal structure of the hair. _Une high dose of agents conditonnants to nourish and protect the hair. _Une new generation of silicones and cationic agents to fill in the damaged parts in the cuticulle hair to create a smooth and balanced, instantly protected. The range Repair is completed by "Lavinia" a fragence fruity and elegant.

  • Range Volumize fine Hair
    Range Volumize fine Hair

    RANGE VOLUMIZE fine hair range volumize from System Professional with the Complex Creatonic-based active substances gives the hair more strength and volume. The Complex Creatonic is based on a principle 3-stage creatine strengthens and stabilises the hair from within The components dedicated to give volume, are deposited on the hair and stabilise the hair structure from the outside, providing long-lasting volume to The polymer elastic packing form a protective film on The fragrance "bella" at the base of flowers and citrus, transforms the range volumize into a true sensory experience.

  • Range Balance Scalp sensitive scalp
    Range Balance Scalp...

    BALANCE SCALP-for sensitive scalp and hair fall Range Balance Scalp System Professional, with its complex active Dermacalm, soothes the scalp and helps to restore its own protective barrier to protect against irritation. Its active substances anti-inflammatory and moisturizing are directly effective in the horny layer. The active complex Dermacalm contains the following active substances : D-Panthenol (vitamin moisturizer) hydrates the stratum corneum, The α-Bisabolol (active substance of chamomile) has anti-inflammatory effect. The DL-Valine (amino acid) is an anti-irritant All products Balance Scalp System Professional : Have gentle formulas Preserve the layer acid the protective skin that Are free of dyes Have been developed in collaboration with dermatologists Have been tested for their tolerance and dermatological effect on the skin, The shampoo has a pH neutral to the skin and Pleasantly relaxing and sweet : the fragrance "Macarena" gives a light fragrance to the range of Balance Scalp.

  • Formats technical
    Formats technical


  • Range of Sun Products solar
    Range of Sun Products...

    The range Sun System Professional to give your hair the protection and maintenance they need, and are protected from effects of drying sun, salt water or chlorine.

  • SP Men
    SP Men

    Enter in the new world SP MEN Decode the perfection of the hair and scalp of men with the new range of care and styling SP MEN. Specially designed to meet the needs of men, the range SP MEN has been built according to two principles: to Be perfectly suited to the world of modern man, nicknamed "Mr. Perfection" by hairdressers. Use scientific excellence in order to satisfy the desire of men and the needs of their hair pigment mousse is now called : Gradual tone

  • Sp Styling styling products
    Sp Styling styling...

    Discover a whole range of sprays foam wax and pate styling of top of the range to preserve the shine and softness of your hair

  • SP Reverse
    SP Reverse

    Wella SP Reverse from Wella System Professional

    Wella System Professional: SP Reverse is Wella's line of technological advancements, utilizing the latest research findings, immediately recognizing the most important hair needs and offering individual solutions for a wide variety of hair problems, for a perfect hair result that can last a long time.

    Wella SP Reverse is the brand new range of Wella System Professional that regenerates and soothes stressed hair and gives it back elasticity, suppleness and a fascinating shine. With an intense anti-frizz protection. The SP Reverse complex contains Vitamin: A, B5, E, F and ingredients such as Algae, Biotin, Panthenol and Caffeine, which gives the hair not only the strength, shine and softness it regains its vitality. And the "Regeneration" service included makes hair easy to comb.

    The Wella SP Reverse range consists of: SP Reverse Shampoo that nourishes and moisturizes the hair, Wella SP Reverse 3 Minutes regenerating hair treatment with immediate effect, the SP Reverse conditioner repairing care for devitalized hair and SP Reverse deep-acting mask regenerates durably stressed hair.
    The products of Wella SP Reverse: Shampoo, Spray Conditioner, Treatment and Mask are available on vision-hair.net

  • SP Essential
    SP Essential

    Discover the new SP ESSENTIAL range.

    SP ESSENTIAL and its products contain up to 96% * of ingredients of natural origin.

    ESSENTIAL SP is also a unique combination of 5 mineral ferments for a
    Nutrition all lightness.

    SP ESSENTIAL is free from animal ingredients ** and formulated without sulfates, parabens or silicones.

    * Range composed of 91% to 96% of ingredients of natural origin, depending on the product.
    ** with the exception of SP ESSENTIAL Conditioner which contains amino acids of silk proteins.