Perfect Ends 40ml

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SP Perfect Ends repairs and softens, thanks to avocado oil. SP Perfect Ends clogged split ends. SP Perfect Ends leaves hair shiny and supple. SP Perfect Ends, an effective solution for split ends.

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The daily stress caused by environmental influences can damage the hair, especially the tips.Forks develop had the tips damaged.
In the absence of an effective treatment immediate spikes fourchent increasingly, System professional now offers an effective solution for split ends.

Ingredients :
Avocado oil offers tips a long-term care.
The substances to be remedial, and lipids protective seal off the tips and cover with a protective coating.

Treatment lengths :
Mends split ends
Gives hair shine and flexibility

Mode of employment :
Apply 3-4 drops evenly on the lengths and ends
Do not rinse
Use daily on wet hair or dry

Fiche technique

Quantité40 ml