Hair straightening

Straightening is the category in which you will find all the products needed for straightening. Different professional brands offer hair straightening products.

Discover Matrix Optismooth, Schwarzkopf Glatt, Wella Straighten it, Eugene Perma Lissit Concept or L'Oreal X-Tenso Moisturist for a smooth and healthy hair.

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    Smoothing natural and sustainable, made to measure, the extract of Bamboo to the properties regenerating and remineralizing.

    It is used to smooth the curling, curls, waves and frizz, reduce volume of hair and smooth.
    Formulated to be applicable on all types of curling (hair caucasians or north africans). Specially composed of 2 Creams to mix in order to adapt to all types of hair whether they are natural resistant, sensitised, coloured and even highly sensitized.
    The texture EasyLiss keeps the hair straight during the break time in order to facilitate the smoothing and let the hairdresser free during the time of action.
    1 Cream smoothing (200ml), 1 Care cream (200ml) and 1 Milk fixative (1L) Product sold separately
    4 forces of possible products by mixing 2 creams

    Mode of employment :

    • Shampoo, éssorés your hair has the towels.
    • Apply your preparation (cream smoothing cream care),let Pause(the pause time can never exceed 30 minutes, including compliance).
    • Rinse thoroughly, without a comb or pull the hair.
    • Apply the milk fixative(100ml/following length), leave on for 10 minutes.
    • Rinse thoroughly._Procéder with styling by avoiding pulling on the hair.

    Array of the mixtures according to the sensitivity of the hair.
    Force 1 natural hair resistant : 80ml cream smoothing only
    Force 2 natural hair sensitized or the purposes : 60ml of cream smoothing + 20ml of cream
    Force 3 colored hair aware : 40ml cream smoothing + 40ml cream care
    Force 4 hair very sensitized : 20ml of cream smoothing + 60ml cream care
    (the doses given are for a hair short)In any case where it is necessary to proceed with the application of the milk fixative.

    Important precautionary : Do not apply lissit concept hair which have already been smoothed with a product of another technology :

    1. Straightening an alkaline base sodium hydroxide(caustic soda). Potassium hydroxide(potash), Lithium hydroxide(lithine) or guanidine carbonate.
    2. colored with henna or metallic salts.
    3. Discolored in whole head.
    4. Discolored, then recolour(with highlights, colored).
    5. Natural highlights of more than 40%.
  • Straighten it
    Straighten it

    Wella straighten it is the category containing Wella Professionals hair straighteners.

    Wella straighten it mild is a hair straightening cream for colored hair, sensitized or damaged.
    Wella straighten it intense is a hair straightening cream for natural hair, resistant.

    Wella straighten it and its care formula clears your hair leaving them soft and silky.

    Wella straighten it contains the Flexi-Protect technology, which meets all the customers' expectations of the so-called "Brazilian" smoothing at the so-called "Japanese" wand-smoothing.

    Wella straighten it mild is a technical product. We are not responsible for misuse of the product. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

  • X-TENSE Moisturist
    X-TENSE Moisturist

    X-TENSE® Moisturist™ The new service smoothing 1 Smoothing 3 Technical _Lissage Cold Without plates, To attenuate the volume, and controlling curls. _1_Lissage Has with a hot plate To decrease the volume, Smooth the hair. _2_Lissage Has with a hot plate To remove the volume, Smooth hair completely Recommendations and instructions for use

  • Matrix Opti-smooth
    Matrix Opti-smooth

    Matrix Opti Smooth is a 2 in 1 permanent smoothing system. Matrix Opti Smooth is available for resistant natural hair or sensitized hair.

    Matrix Opti Smooth has a new formulation enriched with Pro-Keratin for a better respect of the hair.

    Matrix Opti Smooth allows cold to control loops, remove frizz and reduce volume. When hot, it smooths the hair completely and reduces the volume.

    Matrix Opti Smooth is a technical product for professional use.

  • Schwarzkopf Strait Styling Glatt
    Schwarzkopf Strait...

    Straightener Strait Styling Glatt Schwarzkopf

    Straightener Strait Styling Glatt Schwarzkopf is a permanent straightening system for natural curly, wavy or curly hair that provides a stiff, natural-looking result.

    Schwarzkopf's Strait Styling Glatt Styler is safe and reliable, it achieves a high perfection smoothing on curly hair. This last formula guarantees a lasting performance and never exceeded in term of conditioner effect on the hair!

    The Glatt Styling Straightening Kit is composed of:
    1 smoothing cream 82 ml of relaxer
    2 bags of 40 ml of neutralizer

    Straightener Strait Styling Glatt Available in 3 strengths:

    N ° 0: natural hair: very curly or curly, little sensitized
    N ° 1: moderately sensitized hair: curly or colored
    N ° 2: very sensitized hair: discolored, porous, damaged