Sun Effect by Solaris

Sun Effect by Solaris by Eugene Perma from the sun in the hair

Sun Effect by Solaris, 3 progressive lightening treatments for a custom-made Blonding. Sun Effect by Solaris a natural and luminous result without maintenance to answer all your desires.

Young women can not all sweep and sometimes fear discolouration. Here is why Eugene Perma has just created Sun Effect by Solaris: 3 products that in combination can lighten up to 2 tones in 5 applications (visible from the 1st application).

Base of application: on hair brown to natural blond or faded / highlighted.

Most :
Efficiency and softness: with monoi oil and chamomile, ingredients recognized respectively for softness and lightening.
Without constraint and respect of the hair: without ammonia and without hydrogen peroxide (for the shampoo).
Quick and easy to use: 2 care without rinsing, no break time, for a blond reboosted!

How to use :
Apply the shampoo on all the hair, massage and rinse
For a localized effect: Tie & Dye or wicks, apply the jelly.
For a nuanced or global effect, apply the spray
(For a lightening of 2 shades the shampoo is recommended in addition to jelly or spray)

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Affichage 1 - 3 de 3 articles