System Professional shampoo - hair products

System Professional shampoo - hair products

System Professional l'énergie du cheveu

n-depth care. We combine the latest scientific discoveries with our mastery of the art of hairdressing to push the boundaries of hair beauty and quality. Because we believe that your hair is a living part of your body, as unique as your fingerprint, we recommend a personal care system tailored to your spec...

  • System Professional EnergyCode Balance
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    System Professional EnergyCode Balance - sensitive scalp.

    System Professional EnergyCode Balance is a range designed to soothe and care for the scalp.
    All System Professional Balance products have gentle formulations that help to preserve the protective acid mantle of the skin. They are colorless and developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Their tolerance and effectiveness has been tested on sensitive skin. The shampoo has a neutral pH.


    Thanks to its exclusive Dermacalm complex, the System Professional Balance range soothes the scalp by helping to restore its protective barrier. This treatment allows the scalp to protect itself from irritation.
    Its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing substances are particularly effective inside the stratum corneum.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Purify
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    System Professional EnergyCode Purify - scalp to dandruff.

    System Professional's EnergyCode Purify range provides long-lasting and effective control of dandruff and helps to combat all known causes of dandruff more effectively than active anti-dandruff substances. The Purify range provides a healthy scalp and long-lasting dandruff removal. All System Professional Purify products have ultra-soft formulas and neutral pH and are developed in collaboration with dermatologists. Their clinically tested dermatological compatibility.


    Exclusive Dermapure Complex:
    - Zinc Pyrithion: for a lasting reduction of dandruff.
    - Hazelnut extract: to reduce inflammation.
    - Allantoin: soothing, anti-irritant action.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Color Save
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    System Professional EnergyCode Color Save - colored hair.

    System Professional's EnergyCode Color Save range is designed to repair and enhance the shine of colored hair for long-lasting shine.
    System Professional Color Save provides a longer lasting shine and enhanced capillary structure.


    The Fibrochrome complex visibly preserves the shine of colored hair and provides better cuticle protection. This complex is based on four high-performance ingredients that protect the hair color and the integrity of keratin:
    - Quaternium and beeswax: create an effective barrier against the fading of color.
    - UV filters: for protection against UV radiation.
    - Extracts of olive leaves: protects against the free radicals responsible for the framing.

  • System Professional EnergyCode LuxeOil
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    System Professional EnergyCode LuxeOil - all hair types.

    The LuxeOil range from System Professional EnergyCode is a repair line with exceptional properties based on precious oils using LuxeCode technology for immediately transformed hair. System Professional experts have applied this unique technology based on precious oils to develop a range of products that sublimates the natural beauty of your hair. To create this top-of-the-line line of hair products, researchers have linked three valuable oils with high performance properties. Give your hair the luxury of an unmatched beauty experience. This innovative, lightweight oils formula by System Professional - the luxury brand of hair care - is suitable for all hair types.


    The LuxeCode technology combined with the LuxeOil collection by System Professional has been developed by researchers to protect hair keratin and transform its texture without weighing it down.
    Consisting of three nourishing and fortifying oils from different regions of the world, LuxeOil by System Professional is the precious liquid reserved for your hair.

    - Argan oil: also called "liquid gold" is known for its nourishing properties and its cosmetic virtues.
    - Almond oil: moisturizing properties and lightness.
    - Jojoba oil: recognized cosmetic virtues, particularly adapted to the dry and fragile points.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Repair
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    System Professional EnergyCode Repair - sensitized, damaged hair.

    System Professional's EnergyCode Repair range has been designed to replenish sensitized hair fibers. System Professional Repair provides soft, resistant hair that is easier to style and full of vitality. The hair regains movement and shine.


    The Fibrabuild complex makes hair more resistant and easier to comb. It instantly repairs, nourishes and protects the hair. Fibrabuild consists of molecules of active substances, capable of acting selectively on the hair:

    - Hydrolyzed keratin: restores the internal structure of the hair.
    - Optimized Quaternium compounds: restores damaged areas and smoothes the surface of the hair.
    - Amino TSP: provides nutrition and protection.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Hydrate
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    System Professional EnergyCode Hydrate - dry hair.

    System Professional's EnergyCode Repair range has been designed to restore balance and provide lasting hydration and active drying protection for dry hair. Its lightweight formulas help to hydrate even the thinnest hair without weighing it down. The hair regains suppleness and softness long duration. Energy-filled hair with a balanced lipid profile, for added protection against external aggressions and drying out.


    Formamoist Complex:
    - Glycerin: Regulates the water balance.
    - DL-Panthenol: Deep penetrates and effectively protects against drying out.
    - Glucose and Fructose: conservation of hydration and softness.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Smoothen
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    System Professional EnergyCode Smoothen - rebellious and unruly hair.

    System Professional's EnergyCode Smoothen range has been designed to smooth and smooth Rebellious and unruly hair. The Smoothen range actively nourishes the hair, balances its hydrolipidic profile and protects them from dryness. It allows to control the rebellious hair, curly, thick and difficult to comb. For hair that is nourished, easy to style, with a smooth surface and a silky shine. The curls are better defined, the straight hair is easier to style and stay longer in shape.


    Formaliss Complex:
    - Avocado oil: Softness and anti-drying protection.
    - Cashmere extract: Nourishes and softens.
    - Softening polymers: softness and silky touch.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Volumize
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    System Professional EnergyCode Volumize - thin and flat hair.

    The Volumize range of System Professional EnergyCode has been designed to strengthen and give volume to fine hair. Fine hair has more body, is easier to style and stays in place longer.


    Thanks to its Formastrength complex, System Professional's Volumize range brings more strength, body and volume to the hair. Its light balanced formula avoids weighing down the hair.
    - Creatine: to strengthen and stabilize the hair of the interior.
    - PVP / VA polymers: to stabilize the hair from the outside.
    - Bamboo extract: protects the hair, brings body lightness.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Solar
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    System Professional EnergyCode Solar.

    System Professional EnergyCode Solar designed to protect hair from damage caused by sun exposure. After exposure to the sun, it is recommended to remove residues of sunscreen, salt and chlorinated water from hair and skin. This operation makes it possible to reconstitute the water balance of the hair.

    Range technology:

    Protected hair with System Professional HelioGuard Complex.
    The hair is wrapped with a protective sheath. Reduction of UV radiation that damages the color. The color keeps its intensity.

    In a second stage, the HelioRestore complex penetrates the hair fiber to strengthen its structure. For more hydrated hair.

  • System Professional EnergyCode Extra
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    System Professional EnergyCode Extra.

    System Professional EnergyCode Extra is a range designed for exceptional results.
    System Professional EnergyCode Extra consists of products formulated with advanced technologies for extraordinary results!

  • System Professional Styling
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    System Professional Styling, the new hybrid range that combines care and styling for instantly energized, protected, and easy-to-comb hair.

    The range of Professional Styling System inspired by BB and CC creams of skin care, is infused with active ingredients of care to offer you 3 types of revolutionary products:

    System Professional BB, Beautiful Base.
    System Professional CC, Creative Care.
    System Professional DD, Dynamic Definition.

    All three are optimized by our new Creative Code ™ technology.

  • System Professionnal Man
    System Professionnal Man

    System Professional Man is a specific range for men.

    System Professional offers a new range, System Professional Man, entirely dedicated to the care of the beard and the hair of the man.

    System Professional Man is formulated with EnergyCode ™ technology * + Creatine to meet the unique energy profile of each man, for hair easier to comb.

    System Professional Man consists of the System Professional Man Triple Shampoo, System Professional Man Energy Shampoo, System Professional Man Hair and Beard Conditioner, System Professional Man Hair and Beard Oil.

    System Professional Man also consists of several styling products such as System Professional Man Maximum gel, System Professional Man Matte Cream, System Man Sculpture Professional Paste or System Professional Man Wax Pomade.

  • System professional Inessence
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    System professional Inessence

    System Professional Inessence up to 96% natural ingredients, formulated without sulfates, parabens and silicones.

    The System Professional Inessence range combines the energy of nature and the power of science to recharge the natural energy of your hair

    With the Energycode complex and Acai stem cell extract, Inessence is designed to recharge the natural energy of your hair

    The System Professional Inessence range is composed of:

    Inessence shampoo: regenerating shampoo
    Conditioner Inessence: regenerating cream
    Inessence mask: regenerating deep care
    Spray Inessence: regenerating spray and UV protection

  • System Professional Nativ
    System Professional Nativ

    System Professional Nativ is a range for all hair types.

    System Professional Nativ invigorates the scalp and energizes the hair.

    System Professional Nativ consists of a micellar shampoo, a pre-shampoo and a lotion.