Temporary Coloration

Temporary Coloration

The temporary coloration brings the shine and little to cover white hair up to 50% without constraint. Her outfit is average (6 to 10 shampoos following the lines of color and marks.
You can change the reflection at will.

  • Blush satine gel
    Blush satine gel

    Eugene Perma has developed a formula Blush in Gel ready for use, to restore, in you, a glow to your color. Practice, its Gel texture and its applicator Bottle provide a breakdown easy and uniform. Sweet, its assets condition, will provide care and shine to your hair. Without constraint, it will cover up to 50% white hair and restore the intensity and shine of your color. It fades harmoniously over the shampoos. Its formula and texture make it suitable to the colouring of frizzy hair, curly or straightened.
    Council of use : Apply Blush Satine Gel using the nozzle applicator or a brush on the hair washed up and wrung out.
    Leave it on for 20 minutes minimum. Emulsify, rinse thoroughly (do not shampoo)
    Proceed with styling

  • Blush satin cream
    Blush satin cream

    BLUSH satine is a direct staining, without oxidizing nor ammonia, ready-to-use. Does not lighten, does not sensitize hair. Color it and shade the natural color of hair. Apply on natural hair, colored, highlighted, permed or straightened. Blending the first white hair. Revives a reflection between two colorations, after a permanent or straightening. The shade fades as shampoos, up to complete elimination. Direct staining. A new formula for even more cosméticité. Comfort of use : does not flow, excellent spreading on the hair (the coats for a better distribution of assets). A new formula for even more performance. INTUITIVE COLOUR SCHEME and a combination of direct dyes creating a glow effect satin for a trendy and glamorous. A cosmetic cream built as a detangler containing agents, conditioners, and softening performance. A tip applicator for more practicality. Quick to apply and easy to rinse.

  • Color Fresh
    Color Fresh

    Color Fresh Gel reflection colour part6.5 Acid gel reflection color, vitamin,pH
    Result : exceptional color and brilliance intensive
    New formula to 35% of place in addition.
    Duration up to 10 shampoos. Covers up to 40% of white hair.
    Gentle to the hair structure staining non-OXIDATIVE without ammonia.
    Decreases gradually and uniformly to the shampoo.
    The contents of a bottle (75ml) suitable for 2 applications.

  • Symbio / chromative
    Symbio / chromative

    Frozen coloring New colouring-care plant extract without oxidizing or ammonia. Fades out in 8 to 10 shampoos Color visible and high-sheen Toughness increased Wide variety of shades Cosméticité : no sensitization of the hair Technology: direct Staining Toughness: 8 to 10 shampoos, Covers up to 30% of white hair SYMBIO GRADUALLY CHANGES FROM a NAME : CHROMATIVE (the product remains the same)