Trimmer and neck contours ears

Référence : BABFX44E

Trimmer and neck contours of the ears, this mini trimmer is designed for trimming sideburns, neck and contour of the ear.

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Special neck and contours of the ears.

This mini lawn mower finish is specially designed to trim your sideburns, nape of the neck and contour of the ears.
It is ideal for perfecting the cutting and get a net result.
Its ergonomic shape and its finishing gum allow for a perfect grip.
Without the wire, the mower is powered by a battery and runs silently.

Features :

- blade 25 mm
- ergonomic shape
- finish gum
- on / off switch
- works on battery
- supplied with 2 guides cup, 1 protects blade, cleaning brush, lubricating oil and 1 AA alkaline battery / LR6.

Reference: FX44E

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