Urban keratin shampoo - hair products

Urban keratin shampoo - hair products


Urban Keratin was created in 2010 by two professionals of the hairdressing specialists in the field of brazilian smoothing.

Urban Keratin itself as a brand of cosmetic capillary.
Driven by the company's Current Concept, its reputation has been built on the development of a chemical formula to the well-kept secret and designed in ful...

  • Urban Keratin UrbanPlex
    Urban Keratin UrbanPlex

    Vision'hair you this: URBANFLEX

    This is the new revolutionary treatment for all hair types by Urban Keratin!

    This treatment allows you to improve the quality of the hair and maintain its beauty, its strength and its elasticity regardless of the technical service performed : color, scan, drill, discoloration, smoothing, hair straightening, permanent.

    URBANFLEX is free from silicones, no sulphates, without aldehydes, gluten-free and not tested on animals.

    URBANFLEX is used in 1 simple mixture with formulations usual technical product and without a break, additional.

    The unique technology of URBANFLEX is based on high-quality assets :
    – Molecules of N-acetyl-L-cysteine recreating the disulfide bridges while protecting the hair.
    – Soy protein and rice bringing a hydration absolute and creating a protective barrier around the hair fibre.
    – Amino acids for optimum protection of the internal structure of the hair during the chemical processing, mechanical, and preventing the loss of material in cortex capillary.

    URBANFLEX is the guarantee of blonde exceptional, pigmentations more intense, a better hold of colour and a safe job because your hair will never be damaged.

    The borders of the staining and discoloration were finally opened to allow a work without any damage to the hair.

  • Urban Keratin Blonde from St Tropez
    Urban Keratin Blonde...

    Blonde from St Tropez - Urbanplex by Urban Keratin shampoo and blond hair care.

    Blonde from St Tropez - Urbanplex by Urban Keratin for lights, nourishes and protects the brilliance and beauty of all blond.

    A full range of professional products designed to bring any blonde hair shiny, hydrated and rid unwanted yellow tones for perfect blond.

    Blonde from St Tropez products are manufactured in France and are without SLS and parabens.

    The range is formulated with anti-ternissements and rich in keratin and genuine diamond powder pearls.
    For deeply nourished hair, illuminated ... gorgeous!

  • Smoothing Shampoo with diamond powder Urban Keratin
    Smoothing Shampoo with...

    Find a smooth and shiny hair with the shampoo Smoothing From St Tropez urban Keratin
    The revolution in simplicity!
    Its active ingredient based on a unique combination of fatty acids associated with the diamond powder revolutionizes smoothing.
    Fast and easy to use, Smoothing Shampoo is for women and men and suits all hair.
    In less than 1 hour, it gives a natural lifting effect, extreme brightness and a full healthy hair for two months.
    With its progressive action, the smoothing shampoo provides several results:

    • natural smoothing effect
    • disciplining effect associated with a reduction in volume
    • anti-frizz effect

    Advantages :

    • No smoke during application
    • Fast and simple application
    • perfect color fastness
    • bright intense color
    • Suits all hair types, even the most educated

    An exclusive combination of active ingredients:

    • POWDER DIAMOND: bringing gloss and resistance to all hair.
    • ACID lauric Who nourishes, moisturizes and strengthens the hair fiber by linking protein capillary them.
    • ACID MYRISTIC: In power smoothing and protective.
    • ACID LINOLEIC Who fight against tarnishing and hair breakage maintaining ceramides R constituting the cement of the hair fiber.
  • Urban Keratin Anti-aging Lift Hair
    Urban Keratin...

    Urban Keratin Anti-aging Lift Hair.

    Urban Keratin Anti-aging Lift Hair is the facelift of the hair! The hair lifting is a revolutionary technology that brings youth, softness, shine, hydration, body, volume and material to damaged, worn hair, for more than 5 weeks. This personalized care, sublimates the natural beauty of the hair thanks to active principles of superior quality injected directly into the heart of the hair fibers. It is ideal on hair sensitized, damaged, in loss of material, refined ...


    The exclusive Anti-Age / Lift Hair Ceramide 3 / Vitamin PP (nicotinamide) complex acts as a natural cement on the cuticle, thus providing a deep repair to the damaged hair and restoring the hair fiber's strength and smooth appearance.

  • Urban Keratin – Keratin
    Urban Keratin – Keratin
  • Urban Keratin diamond
    Urban Keratin diamond

    Urban Keratin diamond.

    Urban Keratin Diamond: Offer the brilliance and beauty of diamond to your hair!

    Crystal stone with incomparable luster, symbol of purity and light, diamond is the noble natural element par excellence. The URBAN DIAMANT line has seized it, combining the powder of this mineral with keratin, to offer you: luminosity, softness, shine and brilliance.