Wella Eimi Styling

Wella Eimi Styling

Wella Styling changes of name and look to become EIMI! Find gradually all of your hair styling products must-Wella rework on the colors of EIMI! The formulas remain the same, only the style changes! Check out also some new features like the Dry Me, shampoo dry volumizing, Sugar lift, spray our greedy sugar, or even The Perfect Me, the BB lotion!

  • Wella Eimi Volume
    Wella Eimi Volume

    Wella Eimi Volume: to give height to your style and volume to your hair with this range of sprays, foams and lotions for styling!

  • Wella Eimi Smoothing
    Wella Eimi Smoothing

    Wella Eimi Smoothing-a variety of lotion, cream, gel, intended for lissser and discipline your hair.

  • Wella Eimi Texture
    Wella Eimi Texture

    Wella Eimi Texture: gels, ointments, sprays, waxes for ruffling, structure, deconstruct, fix....

  • Wella Eimi Brilliance
    Wella Eimi Brilliance

    EimiWellaBrilliance: sprays, lip gloss,ointmentsto beautifyand polishyour style.

  • Wella Eimi spray attachment
    Wella Eimi spray...

    Wella Eimi spray fixing: Secure and working all the styles with with sprays styling Eimi