Wella Professionals shampoo - Wella hair products

Wella Professionals shampoo - Wella hair products

Wella professionals hair-styling products renowned in the world of hairdressing.

Wella offers a wide range of hair-styling products and coloring.

Wella acquires more than 125 years of know-how.

An undeniable expertise which is the strength of Wella. In search of hair-styling products sharp, Wella focuses on innovation and the continuous improvem...

  • Insta Recharge
    Insta Recharge

    Insta recharge of Wella

    Insta Recharge powder offers a professional solution of temporary coloring between two appointments at the hairdresser.

    Dermatologically tested, its formula is composed of a mixture of minerals and pigments that instantly adhere to the hair. For results that visually correct and restructure the roots and fade to the next shampoo.

    1 product - 5 shades - 4 uses

    Regrowth correction: express temporary dye to retouch troublesome gray roots or visible regrowth areas.
    Prolongation of the wicks: A fast service to prolong the maintenance of the wicks to hide the regrowths.
    Thickening of bald areas: For visibly thicker and voluminous hair on regrowth areas.
    Definition of the eyebrows: Highlight the eyebrows and define their shape.

  • Wella care Invigo
    Wella care Invigo

    Wella Invigo reloaded hair in an instant with the new INVOGO range from Wella Professionals.

    Women today do not have enough 24 hours in a day. Shared between their career and their family life, they find it increasingly difficult to find time to breathe and recharge their batteries, both physically and emotionally. This hectic lifestyle clearly has an impact on the hair.
    That's why Wella Professionals is proud to introduce you to INVIGO, a new line of ultra-efficient skincare products to quickly and effectively recharge hair and provide it with everything it needs.

    Developed with INVIGO-Blends ™, a combination of new advanced technology, new ingredients and vitamins, the INVIGO range immediately rejuvenates your hair and your well-being.
    In just a few minutes, tired hair comes back to life!
    Thanks to its high performance care formulas, INVIGO reloads your hair, at home or in the salon.

    The new INVIGO range from Wella Professionals consists of INVIGO-Blends ™ formulas, a combination of 3 elements:
    Advanced technology - A selection of new ingredients - Vitamins adapted to each range

    INVIGO from Wella Professionals will give your hair everything you need, with 6 ranges that can be combined with concentrated boosters to maximize and personalize the benefits of care.
    The INVIGO Blonde Recharge, Color Brilliance, Nutri-Enrich, Volume Boost and Balance care lines have been designed to match the 3 specific boosters: Brilliance Booster - Nutri Booster - Volume Booster

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  • Wella Fusion damaged hair
    Wella Fusion damaged hair



    *vs. non conditioning shampoo

  • Wella Oil Reflections
    Wella Oil Reflections

    Wella Oil Reflections - hair oil.

    Wella Oil Reflections in macadamia nut oil, avocado and vitamin E. Wella Oil Reflections is a multi-sensory experience for results you can see, touch and feel.

    With a special blend of macadamia oil seeds, avocado oil and vitamin E, known for its antioxidant natural properties, this oil instantly reveals the beautiful colored reflections of your hair. This oil is smoothing and antioxidant.

  • Wella Elements
    Wella Elements

    Wella Elements shampoo and treatment without sulfates, parabens, dyes, artificial.

    Wella Elements is the first range of Wella care "0%", which instantly protects and restores the keratin to the hair its vitality. without SULFATES. without PARABENS. without ARTIFICIAL DYES.

  • Wella Nutri curls
    Wella Nutri curls

    Wella Nutri curls curly or wavy hair well hydrated for resplendent hair

    The Nutri curls range provides the ideal moisture for your curls and waves for bouncy curls.

    The NOURISH-IN complex made from wheat bran extract and jojoba oil in Nutri curls provides well-defined, soft and disciplined loops while reducing frizz.

    The EMI Nutri curls range completes the Nutri curls care range with 4 styling products for curly and wavy hair, for even more defined curls without frizz and a moisture protection up to 72 hours!

    With Nutri curls care or Nutri curls Eimi, take care of your curly or wavy hair!

  • Wella Color recharge
    Wella Color recharge

    Wella Color recharge - shampoo and color revivers care.

    Wella Color recharge: refresh INSTANT AND EFFECT OF THE SILK COLOR.

    Discover the new range of care, with its Magnetic Color Technology, Color refill extends the radiance of your color up to twice as long at home, keeps the multi-dimensional contrasts and provides a light and nourishing care. In perfect complement to the comprehensive range of coloring Wella Professionals, Color Refill helps you maintain the results of a freshly made staining between salon visits.

    Release all the hair sensuality with Wella Professional Care, specially designed to protect and enhance Wella color with decisive results you can see, touch and feel. Try the latest innovative technology COLOR RECHARGE

  • Wella Care - Shampoo and care
    Wella Care - Shampoo...

    Wella Care - Shampoo and care

    Discover Wella shampoo and care care:

    Wella Brilliance for colored hair, Wella Enrich for dry hair, Wella Calm Sensitive Scalp, Wella Age resist for mature hair...

  • Wella Eimi Styling
    Wella Eimi Styling

    Wella Styling changes of name and look to become EIMI! Find gradually all of your hair styling products must-Wella rework on the colors of EIMI! The formulas remain the same, only the style changes! Check out also some new features like the Dry Me, shampoo dry volumizing, Sugar lift, spray our greedy sugar, or even The Perfect Me, the BB lotion!

  • Wella sun
    Wella sun

    Wella Professionals Sun The experience of a range of solar simple and complete hair are particularly prone to agréssions during the summer. The UV rays, the chlorine of the swimming pool or the sea salt help dry out the hair fibre and to lose its savour colorations. In order to keep hair résplendissants, should be pay special attention during this period. Before and during the exhibition : Spray protection phase (fine to normal hair) protective Cream (thick hair) After exposure : Shampoo hair & body Conditioner express moisturizing hair and body

  • Wella Blondor Freelights
    Wella Blondor Freelights

    Wella Blondor Freelights - bleaching product.

    Wella Blondor Freelights powder and oxidizing adapted to the technical "Free Air".

  • Blondor

    Wella Blondor - bleaching products.

    Wella Blondor is a premium range of lightening products varied blond effects.

    Wella Blondor is efficient and reliable up to 7 levels of lift on natural and colored hair.

    Blondor the range is the perfect choice to clear maximum.

  • Wella Color Fresh
    Wella Color Fresh

    Temporary Coloration Wella Color Fresh Gel

    Gel reflection color based vitamins, pH 6.5

    Result : exceptional color and brilliance intense

    New formula to 35% of place in addition.
    Duration up to 10 shampoos. Covers up to 40% white hair.
    Gentle to the hair structure staining non-OXIDATIVE without ammonia.
    Fades gradually and evenly the shampoo.

    The contents of a bottle (75ml) suitable for 2 applications.

  • Wella Color Touch
    Wella Color Touch

    Colouring tone-on-tone Wella Color Touch without ammonia*

    The Complex Enriched with Shine Color Touch alter or emphasise your hair colour with a natural way gorgeous. It standardizes the structure of the hair, to a shine intense color. Color result long-lasting up to 24 shampoos. More than 77 Shades. With the Complex-Enriched Gloss for a color alive and up to 50% of radiance more

    *Color Touch, Color Touch Sunlights (except Sunlights /0) and Color Touch Relights.

    Pro tip :
    Always mix Color Touch with the emulsion Color Touch 1.9% or 4%. Mix in the proportions 1:2, e.g. 30 g cream + 60 g emulsion.

    Break time :
    Air : 20 minutes (or 15 minutes after technical service)
    In heat : 15 minutes (or 10 minutes after a perm or straightening)
    If necessary, the pause time may be extended by 5 minutes.

  • Wella EOS
    Wella EOS

    EOS The coloring for the hair, non-oxidative and herbal.

    Discover the recipes of EOS : a lot of nature and a hint of technology. The recipe natural for a color result bright.

    Preparation to re-create the hue black pepper : 1 part (30g) of Eos Nutmeg + 3 units of hot water (90ml) + 1 part (30g) Color Fresh 3/0

    Preparation : Step 1 : Mix 30g of Nutmeg with 90ml of hot water (70°C) until obtaining a smooth cream. Step 2 : once the preparation is cooled to 40°C, add 30g of Color Fresh 3/0

  • Wella Koleston Perfect
    Wella Koleston Perfect

    With Wella Koleston Perfect get the colouring perfect, intense and brilliant.

    With a great choice of shades, you will find the shade that suits you that you are blonde, brunettes, redheads.

    With the shades of the special mix, you will be able to boost your flare to get bright and vivid colors.
    Koleston Perfect with technology TRILUXIV covers up to 100% white hair, regrowth to ends
    Koleston Perfect contains 25% moisturizing agents and lipids to take care of your hair and wrap smoothly.
    Up to 66% more shine when.

    Tip :
    To associate with Welloxon Perfect for best results. Koleston Perfect Base and Welloxon Perfect (1 + 1). Proportion to the nuance Special Blonde (1 + 2).

    Preparation :
    3 shades of lift : 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 12% (40V)
    2 shades of lift : 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 9% (30V)
    1 ton of lift /Coverage of gray hair/ tone-on-tone or to darken :
    1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 6% (20V)

    Special Blonde : 1 part Koleston Perfect 2 parts Welloxon Perfect 9% or 12% (40V)

  • Koleston Perfect Innosense
    Koleston Perfect...

    Koleston Perfect Innosense Wella hair colour, without pTD and pPD

    For many years, researchers have attempted to find an alternative to these molecules which would reduce the risk of developing allergies* do not compromise on the permanent coloring. After more than 20 years of research, Wella Professionals has managed to develop a molecule coloring alternative, ME+, which provides a result without compromise. Koleston Perfect Innosense is now the first brand of permanent color formulated with ME+, with up to 100 % coverage of white hair. This technology has been reviewed and approved by top dermatologists, immunologues and toxicologists, which allowed him to be certified by the ECARF (European Centre for the Foundation for research on allergies) because formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy*.

    *Even if the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction which can be severe. Always perform a Test Alert Allergy 48 hours before every colour service.

  • Wella Illumina Color
    Wella Illumina Color

    Oxidation coloring permanent Wella Illumina Color

    Color innovative, ILLUMINA COLOR is a range from Wella Professionals. Colour intense and vibrant whatever the light. Superior protection of the hair*.

    Up to 100% coverage of white hair, with a result that is pure. Beyond the color, the shine intense.

    *color after color

    Preparation :

    1 Tube (60ml) + 60ml of oxidant Welloxon Perfect 20, 30 or 40 volumes
    For a dark, tone-on-tone, to lighten up to 1 tone Welloxon Perfect 20 volume.
    Clarification 2 tone Welloxon Perfect 30 volume.
    Clarification 3 tones Welloxon Perfect 40 volume.

    Break time :
    In Air : 30 to 40 minutes
    Under heat input : 15 to 25 minutes

  • Wella Magma
    Wella Magma

    Coloring lashes lightening Wella Magma

    More than one step for lashes with intense colours ! Magma fade and recolore at the same time for the wicks vibrant in no time !

    Thanks to the unprecedented diversity of the color palette, Magma, you can meet all of the expectations of your clients, even the most unusual : take your pick from shades of blond, cold, shades of deep reds and contrasting colors impressive.

    And for even more freedom and creativity, all the nuances Magma can be mixed together !

  • Wella Color Renew
    Wella Color Renew

    Wella Color Renew, delicate color dimmer.

    Wella Color Renew makes it possible to gently erase the pigments of the oxidation coloration without altering the hair fiber. Wella Color Renew reduces the undesirable oxidation coloring results without lightening the natural color of the hair.

    Formulated with VC2 technology, complex based on vitamin C and citric acid (respect for hair melanin).

    Mixing: Mix a sachet of Crystal Powder 9g with 90ml of liquid activator or water depending on the desired result.
    Pause time: 5 to 45 minutes depending on the desired color reduction.

  • Wella - WellaPlex
    Wella - WellaPlex


    WELLAPLEX is a care protocol to be mixed with the technical service product to preserve the quality of the fiber.

    It allows to reconstruct the capillary connections for a contribution of force.
    OPTI pH SYSTEM technology allows optimum penetration of coloring or bleaching molecules for perfect color and lightening.
    WellaPlex is especially recommended for discolouration and coloring Wella Professionals
    Its use does not modify the mixtures or the pause times.

  • Wella Color Motion+
    Wella Color Motion+

    Wella Color Motion +.
    Wella Color Motion + is a Wella range of shampoo and care for colored and damaged hair, sensitized.

    Wella Color Motion + was born from the alliance between the Fusion and Invigo Color Brilliance range, Wella ColorMotion + also contains WellaPlex bridge strengthening technology. This is the winning trio for hair colored and damaged by colorations and hairstyles.

    Wella Color Motion + it is:
    Up to 8 weeks of color protection *
    With a restructuring agent WellaPlex. For stronger hair **

    Wella Color Motion + goes beyond traditional color protection care. Regular use of ColorMotion + care significantly improves the quality of colored hair by offering three essential benefits: Color protection, shine, shine, stronger hair **. Superior hair quality for a beautiful color.

    * using the Structure + ** mask using the Structure + mask, compared to hair without treatment.

  • Color Fresh Create
    Color Fresh Create

    Color Fresh Create Temporary creative coloring for limitless creativity.

    Color Fresh Create Temporary creative coloring for expressive pastel looks.

    Color Fresh Create is ammonia-free and odorless and holds up to 20 shampoos.

  • Wella Color Fresh mask
    Wella Color Fresh mask

    Wella Color Fresh mask. Wella Color Fresh mask are temporary coloring masks with a zero damage formula, to maintain or transform your hair color at home.

    Wella Color Fresh masks offer sublime shades that fade naturally *, without any ingredient of animal origin and silicone-free.

    A nourishing formula for easy application and soft, hydrated hair.
    Weekly use with visible results in 10 minutes

    * Depending on the intensity of the shade, valid for all shades except Pearl Blonde, Lilac Frost, Golden Gloss and Caramel Glaze