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    Yoshi : Professional cutting scissors

    Yoshi : Professional cutting scissors

    Yoshi, the creator of japanese scissors to cut the top of the range since 1928.

    Try a scissors Yoshi it is to adopt. The cutting scissors Yoshi respects the ergonomics of the hand for comfortable use.

    The scissors Yoshi are manufactured with steels of very high quality for a lifetime longer long.

    Yoshi is also a Styler with vibrant, razor and a ...

    • Straighteners Yoshi
      Straighteners Yoshi

      Plate smoothing vibrating

      • Temperature digital and variable + 80° to 220°C
      • Resistance profes-paper PFTC time 30 seconds up to 220 °C
      • Plate ceramic tourmaline with technology Silvere Nano.
      • A smoothing extreme thanks to the vibration motor 3.0 v and 7500 rpm.
      • Large size of the plates 28 mm to 90 mm.
      • Fuse intelligent ther-mique prevents the iron from overheating, which turns off at the end of 20 min. off.
      • Negative ions renew the softness and shine of the hair.
      • Comfortable ergonomically designed handle, lightweight and balanced.
      • Power cable of 3 meters long with the fixation point.
    • Scissors Yoshi
      Scissors Yoshi

      Range of scissors, ergonomic certified "Handcrafted" made of high quality steel with the designation of "surgical Steel".

      PERFORMANCE AND ACCURACY HAVE A NAME : YOSHI. Symbol of the highest level of requirement, the new range YOSHI is the inheritance of an ancestral know-how which combines technical mastery with a unique design tailored to the needs of salon professionals. To offer you maximum comfort and precision, our engineers have developed exclusive profiles that meet the ergonomics of your hand and ensures the sensitivity of your movements. All our scissors are certified " handcrafted ". Machining, polishing, and sharpening are made by master grinders. All our steels are of the highest quality and benefit from the appellation " surgical steel ". A research centre is continuously working on the improvement and the fulfilment of its commitments. Create and give birth to a chisel requires a essential, it is the know-how YOSHI. This is because your scissors are partners in a successful work on a daily basis that we provide you the best. STEEL The choice of steel is vital, therefore, this is the rigorous choice of which depends on the sharpness and the life span of scissors. Our engineers have chosen a special steel that is very specific, with a high content of carbon and chrome called " steel-surgical ". These steels are used for surgical equipment, have the characteristic of being very hard, thanks to a thermal treatment To be stainless and very smooth after polishing. All these characteristics give YOSHI an optimal quality. The hardness provides a cutting edge sustainable. The inoxydabilité protects against corrosion related to the regular use of hair care and moisture. The state of extremely smooth surface improves the regularity of the cutting and allows for ease of cleaning and clean after use. The SHARPENING operation is the most important for creating the cutting edge of the chisel, and the last step of the manufacturing process. The scissors are carved, polished and sharpened manually. These operations that require precision, detail, and rigor must be associated with an essential know-how. This know-how comes from a tradition of masters grinders. The masters grinders YOSHI form and pass on their knowledge. It is this knowledge that is the result of the scissors perfectly sharp and balanced, with qualities of cut is second to none. Finally, all our scissors are controlled at the unit for your utmost satisfaction. WARRANTY 2 YEARS

    • Razor Yoshi
      Razor Yoshi

      Hair razor black titanium

      Swivel 360°, which offers great accuracy and ease of action.

      The steel blades with high carbon content and chromium have been specially designed for a sharp edge that has not faltered in the time.