Yzaé, oxidation coloring, without scent and without ammonia. The glow color to a pure state.

A unique formula, enriched with keratin of plant origin, seed oil of camellia wild, extract of Sophora Japonica, it repairs, protects and enhances the hair. Formulated without ammonia, fragrance-free, for optimal adherence of the hair. Without smell, for even more pleasure and comfort.
Yzaé it is :
50 shades to the colors subtle and bright, 2 developers : 20 and 30 volumes indispensable to the mixture, 1 specific shampoo post color.
With Yzaé, live the experience of pure color, bright and intense for a long time. Brilliance stupendous. Utmost Respect of the hair. Correctness of the rendering of a colorist.
Coverage of gray hair 100%. Brightening up to 3 tones.

Preparation : 1 tube + 60cc of developer 20 or 30 volumes (1 + 1)

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