Yzaé Eugene perma

Yzaé, oxidation coloring WITHOUT AMMONIA, OR PERFUME. The glow color to a pure state.
A formula unique and original that combines 2 liquid phases normally incompatible, in the form of a cream-gel, homogeneous and stable.
Enriched Triozen Complex, it repairs, protects and enhances the hair. Formulated without ammonia, fragrance-free, for optimal adherence of the hair. Without smell, for even more pleasure and comfort. For Yzaé we have selected ingredients of plant origin originating from Asia, known for their ultra quality cosmetics. TRIOZEN COMPLEX : Keratin of plant origin Oil seed camellia wild Extract of Sophora Japonica Action anti-drying - Action anti-rough - Action anti dull Yzaé : 50 shades of the brilliance stupendous, subtle colors and vibrant.
2 developers, 20 and 30 volumes, which are essential to the mix.
1 specific shampoo post color.
With Yzaé, live the experience of pure color, bright and intense for a long time. Brilliance stupendous. Utmost Respect of the hair. Correctness of the rendering of a colorist.
Coverage of gray hair 100%.
Brightening up to 3 tones.
Preparation : 1 tube + 60cc of developer 20 or 30 volumes (1 + 1)

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